Service Innovation through the development of better interaction between service and users

A project within the Interreg program Sweden – Norway 2014 to 2020
Focus area: Innovative environments

The project will, through cross-border cooperation, develop activities within mental health and abuse. Östersund municipality and TISIP together with Timrå municipality, Mittuniversitetet and Trondheim municipality, Melhus municipality, Stjørdal municipality, and the KBT Midt-Norge foundation aim to come up with better ways to organize and practice cooperation between officials, users, relatives and user organizations.


  • The users are too little invovled in the development of the service offering
  • Important needs and adaptions are not as optimal as if the users’ views had been taken more into account
  • Customizations based on user needs do not have to cost more
  • Users have the potential to challenge service providers to think new
  • It must be facilitated for user-driven service innovation through user management and that user competence / experience competance is valued


  • Develop the interaction between users and service providers at different levels and areas
  • Find better ways to include family members and their organizations
  • Introduce new technology in collaboration where development is needed
  • Develop and test models for the guidance and motivation of users who are in different phases to improve / develop them into an active and dignified life
  • Document the results and effects of the project
  • Communicate information about the project through various channels such as the internet, articles and reports
  • Communicate the results to research centers, educational institutions, municipalities and user organizations

People who are in the process of developing or having developed mental health problems and / or abuse who needs support and treatment within these areas.

Participants in the project:
Östersund municipality
Trondheim municipality
Stjørdal municipality
Melhus municipality
KBT Midt-Norge
Timrå municipality
Mittuniversitet in Jämtland and Västernorrland


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